We believe in start-ups. We trust in the power of founders and the energy behind belief. That's why we are proud to offer our equity program, where we invest our time and expertise for a part in the dream. Typically a 50/50 structure (where if a project costs $20,000 to develop, we bill for $10,000 and take $10,000 worth of stake in the business) we work hard to deliver results.

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The Process

Only fools rush in. We want to be sure it's a good fit to do our best by you and by us.

Our awesome features

You apply to the program and fill out our questionnaire. Please answer honestly and completely.

Our awesome features
Internal Review

We digest your application and discuss the opportunity internally. This step usually requires market research and can take up to 2-weeks.

Our awesome features
Meet or Deny

At this stage, we might decline your application for a number of reasons. We will detail why in our response if we do. If we move forward, we will want to check out your vibe and your team to make sure it's a good culture match. Meetings are done either in-person or virtually depending on situation.

Our awesome features
Internal Review x2

After meeting you and the team, we will internally review again. This is where we put together the final proposal for our partnership or begin to list the details as to why it isn't a good fit. This stage can take up to 2-weeks.

Our awesome features
Proposal or Deny

At this stage, you will receive a letter detailing our interest and offer or a letter detailing why we are passing on the opportunity. If the former, you have a chance to accept or decline our offer.

Our awesome features
Kick Off

If we agree, we start working together! This stage is our kick-off meeting, where we are onboarded to your team and start implementing our strategy. Let's grow!

Let's Get Started!

It's easy to start. Just make a profile, fill it out, scroll to the bottom of your profile, and complete the questionnaire.