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Our very own Keith Phillips used Keap to help grow Classic Photographers 20x!

Using effective strategy and automation through Keap, Keith was able to help grow Classic Photographers from $250,000 to $5,000,000!

Stand Out Capabilities

Every business is different but Classic Photographers had the most significant improvement in these areas using Keap and our strategy.

Improved follow-up

Keith was able to dramatically improve follow-up with prospects, improving conversions.

Used CRM to segment audiences for increased personalization

Organized data makes the dream work! Keap has a built-in CRM function that Keith was able to leverage to segment audiences and create personalized, automated campaigns.

Implemented industry-leading tactics

Keap has a rich community of email marketers. We use this resource to help implement the latest and greatest tactics for deliverability and automation.

How did Keap help?

Stand out testimonials for Keap and how it grew Classif Photographers with Keith's help.

Quickly Grow Your Business

“Keap really allowed us to grow our business quickly. And what was exciting to me was to be able to create a totally virtual online business. So I could have more freedom to travel, work from home, and not have to show up to an office every day, working 9 to 5. The concept of having some freedom in my life was very attractive when we were looking for sales and marketing automation.”

Save Time With Automation

“We've been able to automate many tasks that we did manually, whether it was with spreadsheets or having actual people have to do those things. And we're able to free up a lot of our staff's time. So now they can be more creative, provide better customer service, and focus on those things that still need to be manual and cutting out anything that we don't have to have a person do and automate that. So we can really focus on customer success and delivering a great product.”

Easier Than Other Softwares

“With Constant Contact, we had to log in every day and send an email to tens of thousands of people with the same exact message. With Keep, we're able to set up an automated drip campaign, nurture campaign, shopping cart, abandonment campaigns—all the things we wanted to do. Then segment them out and have really good reporting on that too.”

Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

“Our shopping cart abandonment automation is really fine-tuned now. And we're really able to put a personal touch on our marketing, sending text messages that look like I really sat down and wrote them, like, ‘Hey Susie, we see you're interested in our photo and video package. What are some of the questions that I can answer for you before you purchase?’”

Improve Email Open Rates

"Right now, we're getting open rates on cold lists as high as like 48% or 50% all the time. We have a very high open rate, thanks to Keap.”

Let's Get You Started With Keap

As Keap Certified partners, NH Means Business gets you access to this amazing software (and Keith's expertise) for less! Let's get you started with Keap and watch your business grow!

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